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Comments from our Customers:

Ryan - 1996 Vulcan 500                                                                                                                             05/22/15

You guys have worked on my Virago and Vulcan.  Very convenient to get my bike back the same day for service.  Thank you for everything.

Jeff Roberts - 1988 Yamaha VMAX                                                                                                           11/4/2014

I recently had my VMAX carbs rebuilt at Frank's Cycle Shop.  I have a customized bike, and Warren agreed to tackle the job having considerable experience and skill.  VMAX carbs are not the easiest to work on. Before the job, I had checked several local shops I've dealt with over many years of riding in this area.  2 shops turned the job down because of the V4 and age of the bike.  Rich at Frank's gave me a great quote and described every detail of the job to me.  He advised me he would call before doing anything over the invoice. They came in UNDER quote!  I'm more than stoked with the job and gladly recommend them.  Great job guys.  Ride safe.   Frog    Thanks.  Frog is a regular customer, and an honorable military vet.  ​

GREG THOMPSON                                                                                                                                     6/18/2014

I would like to say the guys at Franks Cycle Shop will go above and beyond for their customers.  Their prices are the best in the area and the work is by far the best. You do not sacrifice quality of work for price.  I have looked around at other shops and have never been treated as good or received the attention to detail you get at Frank's.  They truly put the customer first.  I will be a life long customer and will recommend them to all riders I come across.  You guys are great!


1997 Virago XV535 -- CHARLES S.                                                                                                           01/30/2011

​I had previously taken my 97 XV535 to another local shop on Babcock St. to get the carbs rejetted.  After a month and a half I got my bike back just to discover my carbs were adjusted improperly..  After that the shop gave me the run around I sought a second opinion from Frank's Cycle Shop.  Those guys are the best.  Immediately you pinpointed the problem. Super friendly, a sixth sense for bikes and efficient workers.  Now my bike is running great and for less.  Thanks guys!

Bobbie G.                                                                                                                                                   04/10/2012

My experience at franks cycle shop was amazing. The service was excellent.  After 1st visit I made it my one and only motorcycle shop. I tell people everywhere I go that they should come here.  some end up going somewhere else and then having to go see warren to fix what the other shops messed. My bike has never ran so beautifully in its life as it does now and I give all that to warren cramer and his crew up at franks cycle shop.........come one come all....Frank's cycle's where every bike has a home.   

JO JOHNSON                                                                                                                                               05/23/15

I have been taking my bikes to Warren for 7 years. He always does a terrific job, never a problem,  never a long wait, and never feel I have been overcharged. I trust him completely.     

Jim  -  BMW K1200RS                                                                                                                                  05/20/15

You saved me $80.00 on a set of Pilot Road 4 tires today, right after ACS said their price couldn't be beat. Thanks for the fast service.  They also said it would take a week, you did it in one day!  I'm now a Frank's Cycle customer.  (You can post my comment on your site if you wish.)

​​Thank you all for your friendly comments.  It really means a lot to all of us, this is what we want to see, every day.  If you would like to add your experience, email me directly at or post on our Facebook page.