Since 2000, the week and year a tire was produced has been provided by the last four digits of the Tire Identification Number.  

The first two digits being used to identify the week, immediately preceding the last two digits, used to identify the year.  At Frank's Cycle, we keep our inventory fresh. In the photo we provide an example. 2215 is the date code.  This tire was made on the 22nd week (end of June) in the year 2015.

Manufacturers warn that it's unsafe to ride on tires older than 6 years of age, by the effects of UV light. 

​​​​    Oil Change METRIC SPORT AND CRUISER Special:

    Amsoil full synthetic oil change w/ filter:  10w40, 20w50:  $74.95*  

    Bel-Ray conventional JASO-MA2 oil change w/ filter: 10W40 or 20w50:  $58.95*  

     * NO  waste DISPOSAL FEE of any kind.   (UP TO 4 QTS.)

   SEASONAL FULL SERVICE: (Same as break in service)

    Metric Cruisers - 4X4 ATV's - Sport Bikes; includes complete oil and filter change, flushing all               other hydraulic fluids and differential when applicable, safety inspection, cable / lever/ side stand       lube, check pads, rotors, lines, calipers, test coolant, adjust belt or chain, set tire pressure, road            test. There are no other fees or shop supply charges.  Several oil brands available to choose from,          standard and synthetic examples:

  10W40 Bel Ray = $149.95  or  Amsoil = only $159.95!

We Maintain Your Warranty!

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  Price Match Any Quote 

40 Year Master Tech

 $60/hr - Metric bikes, Cruisers, ATVs

On Time Turn Around

OEM ​Parts 10% off

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    Mounting & Computer Spin Balance Prices:    

Front Sport (cast) = $30.00*  Rear Sport (cast) = $40.00*

Front Cruiser  - Spoke wheel $40.00*     Rear Cruiser - Spoke wheel $50.00*

*Includes brake inspection, chain adj+lube, diff top off.  NO BALANCE WEIGHT FEES!

Save even more if you carry in your wheels off your bike, scooter, or ATV.

Complete Brake Service

 We remove the caliper, piston and pins, polish  the oxidation and  grit off, and inspect for defects.  The pins are coated in Moly Lube to allow both pads to work together.  We coat the piston with brake fluid and reinsert it into the caliper, to protect your seals and not risk your brakes sticking like a parking brake.  Each caliper $25.00.  ($20 with tire sale.)


Complete  Inventory  of  Premium  Motorcycle  Tires

Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning

The most thorough way to clean.  Professional tools, for professional results. ​​​  Single carb (off road) starts at $75.00.  Parts are extra, but we only replace what is needed, saving you money.  We don't throw parts at a problem until we get lucky, we troubleshoot and find the exact issue causing the poor symptom.

Nothing replaces 40 years of Experience

​Cruisers, sport bikes, and ATV's, please call for a quote.  

Synchronization included with cleaning carburetor banks of two or more.